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  1. Executor

    E o masca Cred
  2. Triggered.exe nfs payback

    Mai uita-te la poza
  3. Triggered.exe nfs payback

    Pe vremea mea se numeau hack-uri :/ Chiar nu stiu de ce pirateaza lumea jocuri
  4. Thirsty anyone?

    Touche Am intors ochiul, vad ca nu ma crede nimeni
  5. Thirsty anyone?

    E un ochi
  6. Thirsty anyone?

    Update, parca are nevoie de mai multa lumina
  7. Thirsty anyone?

    Asa urat ploua afara
  8. BMW low poly

    Nu cred ca am postat pana acuma si modelele high poly cand faceam masini low poly. Asa ca here it is
  9. Salut, cand fac click pe icoanele din task bar, nu-mi mai apare preview-ul cu fereastra. Apare numai numele ferestrei. Am dat enable la nvidia gaming mode si na.... Stie cnv cum se re activeaza ? Pe google apare doar cum sa-l dezactivezi :/
  10. Problema placa video 9800GT in CS:GO?

    cs go e cpu heavy. Cand am schimbat placa video cu ceva mult mai bun am avut +40 fps Cand am schimbat cpu s-a imbunatatit cu 300 fps
  11. Problema placa video 9800GT in CS:GO?

    Placa video video veche. Si mie imi variaza fps-ul de la update la update. Spera ca vor rezolva intr-un update nou
  12. Aston Martin Lagonda

    7 k triunghiuri
  13. Cerere logo forum Old-School

    @gaby a little bit triggered ?
  14. If i change PC parts should i reinstall Windows?

    You need to reinstall the windows to get rid of the old drivers and settings. For a optimal use. If you have more partitions then only the windows partition will be reformated