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  1. This guy who rooted it successfully stil hasn't found a way to increase the internal memory, that's why I will wait a little. But what confuses me is that he has gps and he has successfully installed 2 navigation apps. I made factory reset and I am not sure but maybe afterwards I lost my navigation.
  2. And apart from the unsufficient memory, I found another problem- GPS is not working It can't find satelites to connect to, install GPS Test from Google Play and see what happens. And even if wifi and location are active, it still can't position me. it means : "loadind location....." I wanted for an hour and I was not located. Do you have the same problem? And about the root issue, I will wait a little, but in a Bulgarian forum one guy successfully rooted it with VROOT
  3. There is NO way to move anything to the external sd card, my problem is the same as is the problem of the people who opened this theme. I don't want to write in the English corner, because there are only too general questions like: Nobody will pay me any attention there. If I bother you so much, I won't write any more, but please somebody send me a message how to make hard reset with hardware bottons if the root is unsuccessful and how to make a successful root of this device ( already tested) Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks. ""Yes, you still have warranty as long as you don't break it. Un-root the device before sending it to service."" I have Samsung galaxy s4 and if you root it , there is a root counter which shows it, and even if you try to unroot it, the counter stays. Is the same case with Allview? Has someone tried this : http://mytabletguru.com/how-to-increase-the-internal-memory-storage-of-an-android-tablet/ What happened with the guy who send its tablet to service? "But this will be quite nasty , right ?"" So it is nasty to root your tablet and still use the warranty, but it is not nasty to lie to people by advertising a product with false characteristics? I just want to be able to use it normally, now I am able to download only 7-8 applications. (((
  5. Well, sorry for not knowing Romanian, but we share a common problem and checking Google , this was the only theme explicitly describing that problem, this decice is rare and there is little info about it. I've checked internal memory online, and as you can see by yourself, it says 16gb internal flash memory, http://www.allview.ro/produse/tablete-pc/lista-tablete-pc/viva-h8-plus/descriere/ This information is misleading. On the other hand I like its screen resolution and speed of the processor, that's why I prefer to solve that problem and keep the tablet rather that returning it back. Dacă preferați , eu pot folosi Google Translate , dar mi-e teamă de greșeli în traducere.
  6. Hello Neighbours ! Greetings from Sofia. I bought a tablet Allview Viva h8 plus and it's really nice except that problem with the unsufficient internal memory. 16gb internal space but rom memory is only 1GB and it's very annoyng to have only a few programs installed. Did you found some solution, or I will be forced to return it back in ( I read a lot these days about rooting it and adding sd card to the rom memory. But these methods.. aren't they dangerous and if a tablet i rooted, do you stil have warranty ??
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