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Coduri Gta 2 - Cheat Codes

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Dupa in mod firesc a fost lansat Grand Theft Auto 2, cu o grafica si un gameplay ceva mai imbunatatite. Pentru cei care sunt trisori din fire si care inca isi mai alunga plictiseala jucandu-l, pun la dispozitie mai jos o lista ce contine codurile pentru GTA 2:


!!! Enter your name as one of the following to activate the corresponding cheat function. You may first have to enter your name as GOURANGA before other codes will work properly.

yakuzadeath - God Mode

rsjabber - God Mode

livelong - God Mode (Can Still Be Arrested)

blastboy - All Weapons

navarone - All Weapons

losefeds - No Police

desires - Maximum Wanted Level

highfive - 5x Multiplier

bigscore - 10 Million Points

beefcake - Increased Brutality

gorefest - Increased Gore

iamasucker - All Levels, Weapons; God Mode

coolboy - Increased Cash

muchcash - Increased Cash ($500000)

forallgt - All Weapons

godofgta - All Weapons and Ammo

bemeall - All Cities

ukgamer - All Cities

elvis is here - No Police

meatman - Hamster Runs Across Screen

itsallup - Level Select

no frills - Debug Basic Scripts

eatsoup - Free Shopping

wuggles - Display Coordinates

tumyfrog - All Bonus Levels

cutie1 - 99 Lives

buckfast - Riot Mode

hunsrus - Invisibility

arsestar - Keep All Weapons After Being Arrested

voltfest - Unlimited Electrical Gun

flameon - Unlimited Flame Gun

lasvegas - Elvis Clan People

nekkid - Naked People

cocktart - No point counter

danisgod - $200,000

iamdavej - $9 Million

hamster - All people look like hamster

mademan - Max respect

jailbait - Free from jail

schrulz - Damage 2X

Numai bine :pct2: !

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