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Cum Sa Refolosesti Un Usb Stick Apple?

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Cine are MAC Air, a primit si un mic stick USB cu OS-ul, de pe care putea reinstala sistemul.

Jucaria e draguta si utila, dar eu am primit 10.6.0 si acum e 10.8.0, iar stick-ul USB este read only => frumos si inutil.

iata un tutorial despre cum puteti refolosi acest stick usb de 8 Gb, iar la o adica sa puneti pe el ultimul MacOS.

programul necesar este atasat.

SMI Mass Production Tool 1.17.13

When it is done download, extract the contents to a folder anywhere, your desktop might be most convenient. After that just follow these instructions (We are not responsible for any damages you cause to you device or computer if anything is to go wrong which it shouldn’t if you follow the instructions):

1. Run the program sm32Xtest.exe, if you are using windows vista or windows 7 run it as administrator.

2. Plug the Restore Thumb Drive into your computer.

3. Click on scan even if it shows up immediately still click on scan.

4. Hit start and wait for it to give you a green OK above the start button.

5. Now the drive should be formatted in a FAT format which you can reformat to any file system you like. Enjoy!

Fişiere ataşate

rar.gifSM32x_G1219.rar 2,11MB

Sursa: forum.softpedia.com

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