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Bogdan BGd

Modificare Meniu Ipb Si Aduagare Text In Header

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Ma scuzati, dar nu stiu ce titlu sa pun pentru problemele mele.

1. scrisul care se misca sa-l pun deasupra fara bug.

2. nu stiu cum se numeste zona de la user ca sa va spun cum.

3. cum pot scoate butoanele si sa fac background mai maricel ca sa se vada butoanele noi?


p.s : Stiu ca trebuie sa fac 3 topicuri, dar nu le stiu numele ca sa fac...



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Pentru scoaterea butoanelor se intra in global demplate si se sterge asta


<!-- ::: APPLICATION TABS ::: -->
<div id='primary_nav' class='clearfix'>
                <ul class='ipsList_inline' id='community_app_menu'>
                    <if test="showhomeurl:|:$this->settings['home_url'] AND $this->settings['home_name']">
                        <li id='nav_home' class='left'><a href='{$this->settings['home_url']}' title='{$this->lang->words['homepage_title']}' rel="home">{$this->settings['home_name']}</a></li>
                    <if test="hasCustomPrimaryNavigation:|:!empty($header_items['primary_navigation_menu'])">
                        <else />
                    <if test="applicationsloop:|:is_array($header_items['applications']) AND count($header_items['applications'])">
                        <foreach loop="applications:$header_items['applications'] as $data">
                            <if test="showingapp:|:$data['app_show']">
                                {parse variable="appActive" default="" oncondition="$data['app_active']" value="active"}
                                <li id='nav_app_{$data['app_dir']}' class="left {parse variable="appActive"}"><a href='{parse url="{$data['app_link']}" seotitle="{$data['app_seotitle']}" template="{$data['app_template']}" base="{$data['app_base']}"}' title='{parse expression="sprintf( $this->lang->words['go_to_prefix'], IPSLib::getAppTitle($data['app_dir']) )"}'>{IPSLib::getAppTitle($data['app_dir'])}</a></li>
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