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Android 4 Pe Htc Desire Z?

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Am vazut pe net ca unul avea android 4.4 pe un htc desire z ..

vreau sa stiu si eu cum pot face, dar, vreau pas cu pas , si sigur sa mearga. :)

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Ajuta-ma te rog aici:


BOOT INTO LATEST TWRP RECOVERY (latest CWM should give the same results...I think)
Cache + Dalvik Cache

INSTALL pk_vision-4.0-BETA2-20140921.zip from SDCARD

Wipe: Cache + Dalvik Cache

INSTALL 6-19_Gapps_Minimal_4.4.4_signed.zip from SDCARD

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Acolo spune ca tu dupa ce descarci fisierele acelea .zip le pui pe cardul tau SD si boot - ezi  dupa ele .

Bun , asta am citit si eu , dar , am asa:

GApps - am un folder numit system , si acolo inca cateva foldere.

La fel si in android 4.0 , si cateva foldere sunt la fel, le dau replace? aici nu pricep ..cum fac?



ca sa intri in TWRP trebuie sa folosesti o anumita combinatie de taste. Cauta pe net, pentru ca aceasta combinatie e specifica fiecarui telefon.

Acel TWRP inseamna boot menu ? Nu ?

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Da , fix un boot menu la care tu alegi de pe ce sa boot - eze aparatul .

Vezi poate iti este mai usor daca urmezi pasii precum in exemplul de aici :

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Dupa chestiile alea urmeaza asa:


INSTALL "System App Remover" by Jumobile from the Play Store. I used it to uninstalled the following apps:

DSP Manager
Calandar (calendar from 6-19_Gapps_Minimal_4.4.4_signed.zip does not sync correctly – replace with Google Calander from Play Store and sync is perfect)
Exchange Services (I only use Gmail)
WhisperPush (I believe this is for encripted sms..?)
CM Home
Email (I only use Gmail)
CyanogenMod Account (I don't have an account/don't need)
CM Updater (I don't even know if this works with our phones - gone)
Voice+ (I use Google Voice as a secondary phone # and as such keep it's SMS's in the Google Voice app - GONE)
Trebuchet (replaced with Apex Launcher)
Pico TTS (it seems broken - replaced with Google TTS from Play Store)
INSTALL "/system/app mover" by j4velin from the Play Store
INSTALL "Google Calendar" from the Play Store (to replace the broken one you removed - you DO NOT need to remove "Calendar Storage")
INSTALL "Script Manager" by devwom from the Play Store (this will be needed to install V6 SuperCharger Starter Kit and V6 SuperCharger Scripts)
SEARCH FOR and INSTALL Google “Maps_6_14_4.apk” (older lightweight Google maps that runs great on our phones)

At this point you will probably notice some slow downs and lags but keep chugging forward.

USE "/system/app mover" to move apps you want to run fast to the system folder - this is important since the V6 SuperCharger script's ZipAlign feature will only optimize system apps (I think) (CAUTION: some apps don't behave well in the system folder)

APPS I MOVED: (CAUTION: "/system/app mover" will ask to restart after each app moved but you can cancel and go to the next app, if you start getting errors then restart)
Apex Launcher
Google Calendar
Google Voice
Google Maps (EDIT: I haven't tested GPS reception just yet)
Google TTS

Now, boot into TWRP and perform a backup of your current progress; this way if you screw up on the upcoming stuff you can start over.

DOWNLOAD "SuperCharger_Starter_Kit_RC12.zip" from here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...postcount=5021 and unzip it to a folder on the root of your SD

The ZIPALIGN binary in the Starter Kit is for ICS only so grab a working zipalign binary for KitKat from here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...14159&page=176 post#1752 and unzip it to replace the one in the Starter Kit's /xbin directory (yes overwrite the old one).

DOWNLOAD V6_SuperCharger_for_Android-Update9_RC13-For_Your_Lag_QF.sh.pdf from here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...6#post51069066 and place on the root of your SD Card

OPEN "Script Manager" and browse to the Supercharger Starter Kit folder. Select StartMeUp.sh. Press the little skull and crossbones icon to give root privileges. Select Run then accept Superuser request.

Here's what you'll see: “Hit Gas” BusyBox install will error but that's ok since we already have BusyBox. Choose "no" for SU binary install. Choose "no" for SQLite install (the script will copy the working zipalign and apply the proper permissions).
Hit X to close script.


I manually patched the services.jar for everyone to use with this rom. The instruction to patch a KitKat services.jar are below. I just spent 6 hours learning how to do it!!! But it was fun. If you want to learn how it is below; otherwise skip and go strait to "Run SuperCharger V6 script" below.

Grab your services jar from your /system/framework directory using the file explorer (menu-settings-general settings-access mode-root access mode). Accept Super-User root permissions. Redo if it SU doesn't take right away and copy the services.jar file to your sd card or pc.

(At this point I am experiencing some pretty wicked lags on my Z.)

You will need to patch this services.jar file as outlined below but first you must have a java runtime environment installed on your PC. I have jre7. You need to add an environmental variable “path” pointing to “C:Program Files (x86)Javajre7bin” or wherever your java.exe is located. Find environmental variables by right clicking “My Computer-properties-advanced system settings-environmental variables-new user variable” Variable “Path”(without quotes) Value “C:Program Files (x86)Javajre7bin” (or wherever your java.exe is located without quotes) OK-OK

Patch your services.jar via these instructions specific to KitKat: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...14159&page=176 post #1754.

A general guide for patching the services.jar smali files is here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...44&postcount=2 Find it under the title that says “If you don't wanna go the easy way... click the button!” but it doesn't fully apply to KitKat

Here is where you will find all the services.jar smali edits specific to KitKat: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...14159&page=174 post #1736


If you skipped to this stage from above then you can grab the services.jar from my post and place at the root of your SDCARD.

SO At this point the modified services.jar should be at the root of your SD card and The SuperCharger Starter Kit should have updated the zipalign binaries.

Open Script Manager then browse to and open V6_SuperCharger_for_Android-Update9_RC13-For_Your_Lag_QF.sh.pdf. Select the skull and crossbones icon to enable root access. Select Run. Now the script walks you through all the steps.

WARNING – V6 SuperCharger Script takes a large amount of time with many prompts and reboots to completely run through executing everything you select.

Here's a quick outline of some prompts you will see but V6 guides you through anyway.

Select Rock Hard Kernel. SD Speed Tweak 1024. flush-o-matic 1hrs. Change Fix Alignment Options – yes.

When you get to the ICS Parlor type (I) for Install. This will install the patched services.jar from your SDCARD to your system and apply all permissions.

After a bit the script will ask to clean and reboot your system.


Re-run the V6 SuperCharger Script via Script Manager once you are re-booted

You should get confirmation that you are 100% SuperCharged!!!!!!!!!

Run Engine Flush-O-Matic
Run Fix Alignment

Exit Script

System Settings-Performance Settings-Min CPU 768 Max CPU 1401-Check “Set On Boot”
System Settings-Developer Options-Set all animation scale's to 0
EDIT: I have used Build.prop Editor from the Play Store to change my DPI to 200. This gives everything a little more space and actually fixed some "cramped" buttons in a couple apps. I also have set Apex Launcher to 5x5 icon home screen. I have turned off all animation/effects options I can locate. I have also disabled background images and notification bar transparency. All these I found pouring through settings and dev options as well as Apex options.

EDIT: Also if you are purposely running older versions of Play Store apps (i.e. google maps) you will want to disable automatic updates over wifi and probably disable update notifications. I have found that many apps will simply notify you if a new version is available or I will simply periodically check for updates, but that's just me fishing for things to "turn off" to get a little more speed.

EDIT: Setting vibration intensity higher than a certain value (in my case 92) breaks the home and search button upon reboot. Setting it back down fixes the issue! EDIT: Turns out this wasn't the culprit - moving stuff in and out of /system causes the button failures - SUBSEQUENT restarts always fixes the problem


Nu merge sa trec direct la boot menu ?

Ca aici ? :


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Opa, cred ca incep sa ma prind .

Deci, mut acele foldere in SDCard.

Dupa descarc Frameroot , imi sterge toate programele alea , si dupa trec direct la boot , si termin ? Nu ?

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​Pai ... da , pe scurt , cam asa sta treaba .

Daca tot ai si un PC , tine - l deschis si fa pas cu pas cum spune acolo Corina .

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nu merge niciunu de acolo, imi da la toate failed.


Nu merge sa bag androidul, rr la telefon si sa intru direct in boot menu?

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nu merge niciunu de acolo, imi da la toate failed.


Nu merge sa bag androidul, rr la telefon si sa intru direct in boot menu?


Faci si ce vrei tu daca urmezi videoclipul acela ca la carte .

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