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Should Ubuntu Phone Rebase To Android?

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While Jono Bacon is no longer working for Canonical, he hasn't stopped thinking about Ubuntu or being involved with the community. Over the night he wrote a lengthy blog post with his idea for rebasing the Ubuntu Phone off Android.

While there appears to be no actual plans for doing so and right now isn't nothing more than a pipe-dream, Jono Bacon expressed his opinion of rebasing Ubuntu on Android in order to provide more apps to users -- the entire Android ecosystem.

Should Ubuntu Phone Rebase To Android?

With the theoretical change, the Ubuntu converged UI would be running atop Android to replace the normal Android UI/UX. Right now Ubuntu Phone does make use of the Android/CyanogenMod kernels for running on devices, but Jono's idea would be pulling in far emore of Android's stack -- sans the top UI layer -- in order to provide Ubuntu Phone with more apps.

Those looking for an interesting Sunday read can visit Jono's blog

Main source:http://www.phoronix.com/.

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