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Win2k3 Server + Updates

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Suportul pentru Windows Server 2003 s-a incheiat oficial pe data de 14 iulie 2015, asa ca am luat un .iso si am integrat cateva actualizari critice.
Kit-ul de instalare mai contine si:
Net Framework 4.0.
Internet Explorer 8.
DirectX 9.0 Runtimes.
Drivere SATA.
Il puteti lua de aici: https://mega.nz/#!ggxTmRZS!agQwQTpetcZrE81yH_2T-y3UQkhfrj3T846TNrnvH_4
Daca nu va place ideea integrarii, luati de aici un .iso curat: https://mega.nz/#!w0hBXaoS!oreZE3C_P1dUFa8Dyi1HEpNk8tkYw8XYN8OLvS4CK_E
Drivere folosite la integrare: https://mega.nz/#!x8pRkZYB!iw1E7b8Q_XydE1RA9R5N0FNuWermDuX4FEBvGrBrU4Y

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