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Awwr Cătălin

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{}.ipsApp .ipsFieldRow_fullWidth input[type="text"], .ipsApp .ipsForm_fullWidth .ipsFieldRow input[type="text"], .ipsApp .ipsFieldRow_fullWidth input[type="email"], .ipsApp .ipsForm_fullWidth .ipsFieldRow input[type="email"], .ipsApp .ipsFieldRow_fullWidth input[type="password"], .ipsApp .ipsForm_fullWidth .ipsFieldRow input[type="password"], .ipsApp .ipsFieldRow_fullWidth input[type="submit"], .ipsApp .ipsForm_fullWidth .ipsFieldRow input[type="submit"], .ipsApp .ipsFieldRow_fullWidth select, .ipsApp .ipsForm_fullWidth .ipsFieldRow select, .ipsApp .ipsFieldRow_fullWidth button, .ipsApp .ipsForm_fullWidth .ipsFieldRow button, .ipsApp .ipsFieldRow_fullWidth textarea, .ipsApp .ipsForm_fullWidth .ipsFieldRow textarea, .ipsApp .ipsFieldRow_fullWidth .ipsField_autocomplete, .ipsApp .ipsForm_fullWidth .ipsFieldRow .ipsField_autocomplete, .ipsApp .ipsFieldRow_fullWidth .ipsSelectTree, .ipsApp .ipsForm_fullWidth .ipsFieldRow .ipsSelectTree, .ipsApp input.ipsField_fullWidth, .ipsApp textarea.ipsField_fullWidth, .ipsApp .ipsField_autocomplete.ipsField_fullWidth, .ipsApp select.ipsField_fullWidth, .ipsApp .ipsSelectTree.ipsField_fullWidth {
	color: #fff;

Adaugă-l in custom.css

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