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Gm Pack Ascent

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GM Pack Ascent

GM Handbook contine:

  • Comenzi GM + Info
  • ID -urile Itemelor IDs (+ Display IDs)
  • ID -urile Spelurilor
  • ID-url NPCs (+ Display IDs + Flag Help)
  • Skill IDs
  • Object IDs (+ Display IDs)
  • Recall Names (+ Worldport Co-Ords)
  • Faction IDs
  • Mount IDs
  • Race & Class DB Info
  • NPC Emotes
  • Lista cu 'Uber' or GM doar spelluri
  • Cateva Playall IDs (Unfinished)
  • Instance IDs
  • Cool Morph IDs
  • T6 Itemset IDs
  • Holiday/Event Item/Object/NPC IDs
  • Trainer Learn IDs (Spells sorted by Class)

Folder -ul Addons contine:

  • Ascent DB Editor
  • DBC File Converter
  • DCB Extractor
  • Ecko Tools 1.6
  • Item Creator
  • Color MOTD Creator
  • WoW Map Viewer
  • WoW Model Viewer
  • GM UI Addons (AntrixAdmin, AntrixTeleport, GMAddon)

Pack -ul poate fi descarcat de aici: :link:

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