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  1. Stefan's post in Folosire php in tema was marked as the answer   
    Se pare ca totul era de la functia highlight_string().. Pana la urma am reusit
    {{$a = htmlentities(file_get_contents('nume_fisier'));}} <pre> $a </pre>  
  2. Stefan's post in Cerere Tema Engraved was marked as the answer   
    Idem. Cred ca nu stia ca trebuie sa isi faca cont ca sa descarce
    Ai incercat asta ? http://www.mafiashare.net/download/ipb-skin-engraved/
  3. Stefan's post in Cum Fac Ca Daca Cineva Posteaza La O Anumita Categorie(Aleasa De Mine) Posturile Sa Nu I Se Puna ? was marked as the answer   
    ACP -> Forums -> Categoria dorita -> Click pe editare -> Postable settings -> " Enable Post Count Incrementation " si pune pe NO
  4. Stefan's post in Ajutor Facebook Activity was marked as the answer   
    Nu il gasesti pentru ca nu l-ai cautat ! 
  5. Stefan's post in Problema Ip.downloads was marked as the answer   
    Acp -> Other apps -> [iPS] Downloads -> Categories -> Click unde am incercuit -> permissions -> bifezi ce vrei 


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