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  1. Ai font awesome in tema ? Daca nu adauag dupa <head> in global template <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/font-awesome/4.5.0/css/font-awesome.min.css"> Daca nu merge nici asa cauta in AdminCP --> Look & Fell --> Tema ta --> Globaltemplate aici cu ctrl + f cauti <if test="memberbox:|:$this->memberData['member_id']"> si modifici tot ce ai acolo pana la USER DROP DOWN MENU cu accesta <if test="memberbox:|:$this->memberData['member_id']"> <div id='user_navigation' class='logged_in'> <ul class='ipsList_inline'> <li><a href="{parse url="showuser={$this->memberData['member_id']}" seotitle="{$this->memberData['members_seo_name']}" template="showuser" base="public"}" title='{$this->lang->words['your_profile']}'> <img src='{$this->memberData['pp_small_photo']}' alt="{$this->memberData['members_display_name']}{$this->lang->words['users_photo']}" class='user_photo' /> </a></li> <li><a id='user_link' href="{parse url="showuser={$this->memberData['member_id']}" seotitle="{$this->memberData['members_seo_name']}" template="showuser" base="public"}" title='{$this->lang->words['your_profile']}'>{$this->memberData['members_display_name']} &nbsp;<span id='user_link_dd'></span></a></li> <if test="showInboxNotify:|:! ( ! $this->memberData['member_id'] && $this->settings['force_login'] ) && !($this->settings['board_offline'] && !$this->memberData['g_access_offline'])"> <if test="messengerlink:|:$this->memberData['g_use_pm'] AND $this->memberData['members_disable_pm'] == 0"> <li><a data-clicklaunch="getInboxList" id='inbox_link' href='{parse url="app=members&amp;module=messaging" base="public"}' title='{$this->lang->words['your_messenger']}'><i original-title="" style="font-size: 15px;" class="fa fa-envelope"></i><if test="notifications:|:$this->memberData['msg_count_new']"><span class='ipsHasNotifications'>{$this->memberData['msg_count_new']}</span></if>&nbsp;</a></li> </if> <li><a data-clicklaunch="getNotificationsList" id='notify_link' href="{parse url="app=core&amp;module=usercp&amp;area=notificationlog" base="public"}" title="{$this->lang->words['notifications_at_the_top']}"><i original-title="" style="font-size: 14px;" class="fa fa-bullhorn"></i><if test="notifications:|:$this->memberData['notification_cnt']"><span class='ipsHasNotifications'>{$this->memberData['notification_cnt']}</span></if>&nbsp;</a></li> </if> <li><a href="{parse url="app=core&amp;module=global&amp;section=login&amp;do=logout&amp;k={$this->member->form_hash}" base="public"}"><i original-title="" style="font-size: 15px;" class="fa fa-power-off"></i> </i></a></li> <if test="authenticating:|:$this->memberData['member_group_id'] == $this->settings['auth_group']"> <if test="ipsconnectRevalidateUrl:|:$this->memberData['ipsconnect_revalidate_url']"> <li><a href="{$this->memberData['ipsconnect_revalidate_url']}" target='_blank' title='{$this->lang->words['resend_val']}'>{$this->lang->words['resend_val']}</a> </li> <else /><li><a href="{parse url="app=core&amp;module=global&amp;section=register&amp;do=reval" base="public"}" title='{$this->lang->words['resend_val']}'>{$this->lang->words['resend_val']}</a></li> </if></if> </ul> </div>
  2. Salut PCT, aș dori și eu un mini-banner ca acesta: http://i.imgur.com/gJBzX3q cu text 1: JustCs.Eu, text2: Best Of The Game, text3: CLICK HERE!, dimensiunea 88x31. Multumesc!
  3. AdminCP --> Look & Feel --> tema ta --> tabul CSS --> ipb_styles.css aici cu ctrl cauti Board_stats si modifici tot ce ai acolo pana la .statistics { cu asta : /* board stats */ #board_stats ul{text-align:center} #board_stats li{ margin-right:20px; background:rgba(255,255,255,0.1); padding-right:6px; border-radius:3px; box-shadow:inset 0px 0px 0px red; transition:all .6s ease-in-out;cursor:pointer; } #board_stats li:hover{ box-shadow:inset 0px 50px 0px #2b2b2b} #board_stats .value{ display:inline-block; background:#2b2b2b; color:#fff; text-shadow:rgba(0,0,0,0.8) 0px -1px 0px; padding:7px 12px; font-weight:bold; border-top-left-radius:2px; border-bottom-left-radius:2px; transition:all .6s ease-in-out; box-shadow:inset 0px 0px 0px #2b2b2b; margin-right:4px } #board_stats li:hover .value{box-shadow:inset 0px -50px 0px red}
  4. Pentru a mari dimensiunea la tema urmeaza urmatorii pasi : AdminCP -> Look & Feel -> Tema ta -> tabul CSS -> ips_styles.css -> cauti linia .wrapper{ si modifici cu asta .wrapper{ margin: 0 auto; min-width: 980px; max-width: 1600px; width: 90%;
  5. am si eu nevoie de aceasta informatie , fix asa e si la mine..:(
  6. Am rezolvat trb bifat pe visibile to : sa fie pe toate gradele
  7. Buna ziua, am instalat hook-ul Member of the Month si nu imi apare pe forum.. lam configurat am pus member-ul care sa apara si nu apare.. ma poate ajuta cnv?
  8. Buna seara PCT, am si eu o intrebare cum as putea sa redenumesc AdminCP in Panou Administrator si ModeratorCP in Panou Moderator ? Multumesc
  9. Incearca asa : 1.AdminCP --> LooK & FeeL --> Tema ta --> global template --> schimbi linia <!-- ::: BRANDING STRIP: Logo and search box ::: --> cu : 2.AdminCP --> LooK & FeeL --> Tema ta --> Tabul CSS --> ipb_style.css --> cauti linia #branding si o schimbi cu : Daca nu merge da-mi add romania_daniel si vb acolo..
  10. 1.AdminCP --> LooK & FeeL --> Tema ta --> global template --> schimbi linia <!-- ::: BRANDING STRIP: Logo and search box ::: --> cu : 2.AdminCP --> LooK & FeeL --> Tema ta --> Tabul CSS --> ipb_style.css --> cauti linia #branding si o schimbi cu : Daca te-am ajutat +1..
  11. AdminCP --> Look & FeeL --> Tema ta --> Tabul CSS --> ipb_profile.css --> cauta linia #profile_photo si schimbo cu #profile_photo { max-width: 250px; max-height: 250px; } Daca te-am ajutat +1
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