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Half-life 2 Cheats


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Half-Life 2 Online Strategy Guide

Half-Life 2 is finally here and it is everything you have hoped and dreamed for. Gordon Freeman has returned. Strap on your HEV suit and grab a crowbar, its time to dole out some pain to the alien force known only as The Combine. The world of Half-Life 2 is incredibly lifelike, including realistic physics and super intelligent enemies. The game isn't just about shooting the bad guy, there are puzzles, vehicles, and hidden items crammed into 14 levels of combat. Our guide keeps you alive and kicking with:

Basics: Learn how to navigate the world and use every item in the environment to your advantage.

Weapons: We detail the best uses for every weapon including the multifaceted gravity gun.

Enemies: From headcrabs to gunships we'll show you the best method for killing everything in sight. Coming soon.

Walkthrough: In part one of our walkthrough we hold your hand through the canals, the coast, Ravenholm, and the beginnings of Nova Prospekt. More coming soon.

Secrets: The walkthrough includes hidden lambda locations and our secrets section has a cheat list for all of the cheating cheaters.

Half-Life 2 Online Strategy Guide

Cheat Activation

Add the parameter -console to your hl2 executable. The best method is to create a new shortcut to the hl2.exe and change its command line by adding the cheat/console parameter and then saving the shortcut. This way, you can play Half-life 2 with or without cheats (you can rename your shortcut to reflect this).

For some versions of Half-Life 2, you may need to add a longer parameter string -applaunch -dev -tconsole instead of the previously mentioned parameter.

Cheat: Dev Cheats

Bring DOWN the console and enter ??€?

Te-ai inregistrat? Ne-ar placea sa te prezinti.

Cum pot sustine forumul?
Cumpara de la eMag folosind acest link.

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Stiu si eu cate ceva...

Intri in console scri "sv_cheates 1 " apoi :

Type - god - pentru viata infinita

noclip - pentru a intra prin pereti

impulse 101 - pentru a avea toate armele din jok cu tot cu ammo

Nu cred ca iti mai trebuie cva ...ca termini joku cu astea

Try Again Never !

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