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The Madden NFL 23 is looking to sell rights to Thursday


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The Jacksonville Jaguars are trying to survive the 2013 season and are still in the hunt in search of one of the top quarterbacks slated to enter the draft. For now it appears the team's hopes for the offensive will rest on the arm of Chad Henne Mut 23 Coins, who will play against Tennessee Titans. Tennessee Titans following the team's bye week.

Henne has replaced an injured, but ineffective Blaine Gabbert and hasn't fared much better than he did last seasonHe's been throwing for 1.450 yards with three touchdowns and five interceptions over five games.

The undefeated Chiefs didn't trade at the deadline, but they did implement a roster change -- Kansas City released 27-year-old tight end Kevin Brock.

Brock's roster space will be filled by Anthony Fasano, who had been injured. Brock was able to catch three passes for 36 yards this year in the role of a rotating player.

The Madden NFL 23 is looking to sell rights to Thursday Night Football and could split them up between two, or even three television networks in 2016 as per John Ourand of SportsBusinessDaily.

The one thing that is certain is that at the very least eight Thursday games have to be exclusively telecast via Madden NFL 23 Network. As long as eight regular season games are broadcast entirely on Madden NFL 23 Network, it can keep its affiliate rate for distributors above $1 and avoid a significant decline.

But with the possibility that there will be 17 Thursday Night Football games in 2016 and that leaves 9 games to Cheap Madden 23 Coins be purchased by TV networks and a looming bidding war among CBS, NBC and Fox.

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