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Vand Sistem Complet P4 @2.66 Ghz


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Vand sistem complet P4

-pentium 4D la 2.66Ghz (dual core)

-Placa de baza Gigabyte 8I945PLGE-RH

(http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Products/Motherboard/Products_Spec.aspx?ProductID=2156 )

-1GB DDR2 dualchanel (2*512)

-Cooler Freezer7Pro

-HDD 200GB WD SATA, 7200rpm, 8MB cache

-Video ati radeon x1600pro cu 256 MB DDR2

-DVDRW LG dual-layer

-Floppy negru

-Carcasa Tower neagra

-Sursa 550W ATC cu cabluri alimentare sata

-win xp profesional (ruleaza si vista ultimate fara probleme dar eu nu am preferat xp)

Valabil doar pentru Bucuresti. sistemul nu mai are garantie. Functioneaza perfect, accept orice test. Vine cu cd drivere, manuale , facturi etc

Nu accept schimburi.

Sistemul l-am folosit eu timp de un an (n-a rulat aproape deloc jocuri), nu are o uzura deosebita (n-a mers perioade mari de timp, si n-a fost folosit pe rol de server).


CONTACT: Y! chicony08@yahoo.com

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