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Checkbox Displaying Boolean Data From Database


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//The ckeckbox type has only one possible value per input: off(unchecked) or on(checked). The database field which records this information is almost always going to be a samll integer or bit type with values 0 and 1 corresponding to unchecked or checked check boxes.

//The following example demonstrates how to use a check box to DISPLAY and CHANGE a BOOLEAN value.


//Open connection to the database

mysql_connection("localhost", "phpuser", "sesame") or die("Failure to communicate with database");


//If the form has been submitted, record the preference and redisplay




if(isset($_post['optout'] && $_post['optout']==1)







//Update value

$query="update checkbox set boxvalue=$optout where boxname='optout' and email='$as_email'";


if(mysql_error()==" ")


$succes_msg='<p>Your preference has been updated.</p>';





//Get the value

$query="select boxvalue from checkbox where boxname='optout' and email=='$as_email'";


$optout=mysql_result($result, 0, 0);



$checked=" ";







//Now display the page


//Have to do this for heredoc







<form method="post" action="$thispage">

Email address:

<input type="text" name="email" size=25 value="$email">



<font size=+4>please send me lots of e-mail bulletins!</font>


<font size=-2>Opt out by clicking this tiny checkbox</font>

<input type="checkbox" name="OptOut" value=1 $checked>



<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit">





echo $form_page;


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