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Tutoriale Warowl - Matchmaking Academy

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Warowl este un Youtuber dar si un caster de CS:GO, care a renuntat recent la jobul sau zilnic pentru a-si vedea hobby-ul crescand. Nu vreau sa-i fac reclama, dar are o serie de videouri numai bune pentru incepatori, videouri care cuprind lucruri elementare si nu doar. Le postez pentru ca am vazut FOARTE multi jucatori care fac greselile astea si putini recunosc, majoritatea romani.


1.  Inferno Pistol Rounds & Mid Control


2. Aiming Sidestep Shooting & When To Rotate


3. Crosshair Placement Eco Buying & When to Fall Back


4. Meeting Points Accuracy Precision Don't Buy Bizon 


5. Proper Smoke Flash Usage Team Eco Tips


6. How to Deal With Clutch Player and Multiple Opponents


7. How to Hold Bombsites Retake and Aim Well


8. Stay Together, Stay Calm, Stay Confident


9. Avoid Being Reckless, Don't Use Galil, Outside Nuke Smokes


10. Get Back to Basics, Deal with Flankers, Buy Armor


11. How to Position for Retake and Hold Long


12. Fake Defusing, Mirage AWP Positions, Pistol Shooting


13. How to Play Ramp on Nuke, Maintain Momentum






16. Matchmaking Academy: FRANKIEonPCin1080p


17. Don't Move and Shoot, Don't Block, Don't do the things!


18. Where to Plant Bomb Nuke Upstairs, after taking Secret?


19. How to Clutch, Deal With AWPers



Mai are si o serie de tutoriale si videouri cu explicatii pe care le gasiti pe canalul lui. :link:

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