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Pokemon Go for Windows Phone Client Receives First Update


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Pokemon Go isn’t yet officially available on Windows phones, but fortunately for users on the platform, a skilled developer in the community has managed to create a clone that allows everyone to play the famous game alongside Android and iOS users.

PoGo is pretty much a clone of Pokemon Go that’s delivered as a universal app, so it runs on both PCs and smartphones, and thanks to an update released today, everything should work more smoothly than in the previous versions.

Right now, the game is still in development stage, and it’s not available in the store, but offered on GitHub as a stand-alone APPX file that needs to be sideloaded on devices (you can learn how to install this third-party Pokemon Go client on Windows 10 Mobile phones here).

This new version fixes PokeStops disappearing while moving, as this was one of the most reported issues in the last 24 hours, with many users complaining that PokeStops appearing on the map disappeared completely when moving towards them.

The same bug fix is also available for Pokemon, so in case you’ve experienced this bug causing the little monsters to go away when you attempted to catch them, then this version is the one you need.

For the moment, there are big chances to discover other bugs in the game since it’s still in beta stage, but it’s a good thing that updates are released so fast, and the community is contributing to testing every single version.


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