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puteai pune urmatorul cod 


 * XHTML 1.1 Edit Module, defines editing-related elements. Text Extension
 * Module.
class HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_StyleAttribute extends HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule

    public $name = 'StyleAttribute';
    public $attr_collections = array(
        // The inclusion routine differs from the Abstract Modules but
        // is in line with the DTD and XML Schemas.
        'Style' => array('style' => false), // see constructor
        'Core' => array(0 => array('Style'))

    public function setup($config) {
        $this->attr_collections['Style']['style'] = new HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_CSS();


// vim: et sw=4 sts=4

in urmatoare adresa 

ips_kernel > HTMLPurifier> HTMLPurifier> HTMLModule> StyleAttribute.php

si nu trebuia sa reinstalezi platforma


Locul unde gasesti tot ce ai nevoie. Toti diferiti dar uniti


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