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Free Mmorpg Game - Devana 1.6 Script


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Devana 1.6 este un joc de tip MMORPG. Mai multe detalii despre acesta puteti citii mai jos:

Devana v1.6

- added reply button and sender nickname in the page where the messages and replies are read (msg_view.php);

- possibility to train more units or forge more weapons at the same time (edited build.php and the build function);

- a red number appears in front of the messages and reports buttons when a new message or report is received; the numbers decrement as you read the messages/reports (added msg_rep_alert function and edited antet.php);

- write a message, attack, or view a profile directly from the map (edited map_lnk function and func.js);

- players can no longer siege players with less than 3 towns (edited sendt.php);

- damaged building, due to siege engines, now appear in reports (edited the 2 send_report function calls in check_a);

- you can now demolish a level of a building, reducing the population of the town (added new file, demolish.php and edited hall.php);


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