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Doresc Ajutor Instalare/configurare Ftp


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buna ziua.doresc sfaturi ptr a instala pe un host gratuit(xhost.ro)un sit facut cu dreamweaver 8.

am vazut tutoriale dar la mine nu apare public.html.oare trebuie sa fac eu un director(folder)public.html si acolo sa instalez site-ul meu?

Server Ftp costelpanait.uv.ro

Port Ftp 21

Nume Utilizator Ftp costelpanait_u01

Parola Ftp

Manager de Fisiere

IE Ftp Client

Baza de date

Server Baza de Date db2.xhost.ro

Port Db 3306

User Baza de Date costelpanait_u01

Parola Baza de Date

Nume Baza de Date costelpanait_uv_ro01

Manager Baza de Date



Server POP3 mail.uv.ro

Port POP3 110

Utilizator POP3 costelpanait@uv.ro

Parola POP3

Web Mail

Squirrel Mail

acestea sunt datele mele.

ptr un mic site de socializare ce i-mi recomandati?eu am luat elgg dar tot nu ma descurc cu instalarea.

ptr a instala un script(elgg)unde trebuie sa instalez?

am intrat pe http://www.w3schools.com,am inceput sa fac ceva (cu notepad),dar vreau sa pun pe un server sa vad ce fac.am luat host(dupa cum au spus altii aici de la xhost.ro)si nu ma descurc cu instalarea pe server.

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Salut. Nu, pe conturile de gazduire gratuite (la xhost 100%, nu apare), de obicei nu apare folder-ul public_html, doar in el avand acces tu; mai exact, dupa ce te-ai conectat la host, esti deja in public_html, asta inseamna ca acolo vei pune fisierele site-ului tau, daca vrei sa fie accesibil la o adresa de forma: costelpanait.uv.ro

Daca vrei ca site-ul sa fie accesibil la adresa: costelpanait.uv.ro/site atunci dupa conectarea la host va trebui sa creezi un folder denumit site, in care vei pune fisierele.

Iata instructiunile de instalare pentru ELGG:


Before you begin, make sure you have read Elgg's technical

requirements. If you discover problems after following these

instructions, check out the troubleshooting page at


1. Upload Elgg

Unzip Elgg and upload it to your site's document root.

2. Create a data folder

Elgg needs a special folder to store uploaded files, including

profile icons and photos. You will need to create this for it.

We recommend that this folder is called data, and is stored outside

of your document root. For example, if Elgg is installed in

/home/elgg/html/, you might create it in /home/elgg/data.

Once this folder has been created, you'll need to make sure that your

web server has permission to write to it. This shouldn't be a problem

on Windows-based servers, but if your server runs Linux or a UNIX variant,

you'll need to figure out what user Apache runs under. For Debian-based

distros, it is usually www-data and for RedHat, it is often apache. If you

cannot figure out what the ownership and permissions should be, you can

set the permissions for world access (though not recommended):

chmod 777 /home/elgg/data/

If you use a graphical client to upload files, you can usually set

this by right or shift-clicking on the folder and selecting


3. Create a database

Using your database administration tool of choice (if you're unsure

about this, ask your system administrator), create a new database for

Elgg. Make sure you know the username and password necessary to

access this.

4. Visit your Elgg site

Once you've performed these steps, visit your Elgg site in your web

browser. Elgg will take you through the rest of the installation

process from there.

A note on settings.php and .htaccess

The Elgg installer will try and create two files for you:

* engine/settings.php, which contains the database settings for

your installation

* .htaccess, which allows Elgg to generate dynamic URLs

If your web server does not have permission to create these files, you

will need to either

1. Change the permissions on the directory where you are installing

Elgg and the engine directory and try again.

2. Copy engine/settings.example.php to engine/settings.php, open

it up in a text editor and fill in your database details. Then

copy /htaccess_dist to /.htaccess

Te-ai inregistrat? Ne-ar placea sa te prezinti.

Cum pot sustine forumul?
Cumpara de la eMag folosind acest link.

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