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Orcs Must Die! 2 Achievements Hints


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Toate achievement-urile din Orcs Must Die! 2, au fost publicate si arata cam asa:

All Aboard - Kill 1,000 orcs with minecarts.

BFFs - Reach wave 40 in a co-op endless mode level.

I'm So Awesome - Complete campaign, Act 2 Nightmare.

Impossible! - Reach wave 50 in an endless mode level.

Indecisive - Respec your character.

Kingdom Rush - Beat a nightmare level using only weapons, trinkets, and the dwarf, archer, and paladin minions.

May I Have Some More? - Kill 50,000 Orcs.

MMMMONSTER KILL! - Get a 25 kill streak.

Perfectionist - Earn 5 (base) skulls on every campaign level on War Mage difficulty.

Pot of Gold - Get a 10x or higher combo.

Big Spender - Spend 100 skulls in the tome.

Cash Money Skulls - Spend 1,000 skulls in the tome.

Droppin' Hamiltons - Spend 10 skulls in the tome.

Freedom! - Use the freedom trinket to break a co-op partner out of a stun.

Friends 'Till the End - Complete Twisted Halls in co-op.

Halfway There - Complete campaign, Act 1.

I Could Do This All Day - Kill 25,000 Orcs.

Predator - Collect 30 dropped skulls.

Queen of the Orcs - Charm 100 orcs as the Sorceress.

Restoring Order - Complete campaign, Act 2.

Six Degrees - Catch the Robot disease.

Stay Classy - Complete all classic levels.

Ten at Once - Get a 10 kill streak.

Thanks Bro - Heal an ally in co-op.

They Just Keep Coming - Reach wave 25 in an endless mode level.

Tough Going - Complete campaign, Act 1 Nightmare.

What is Best in Life? - Use the berserker trinket to reduce your health below 15%


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