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Playstation Mobile A Fost Lansat Alaturi De 21 De Jocuri!


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In decursul zilei de ieri (3 octombrie 2012) Sony a lansat in Japonia, Statele Unite, Canada, Anglia, Franta, Germania, Italia, Spania si Australia, PlayStation Mobile pentru aparatele cu Android certificate PS (http://www.playstation.com/psm/certified.html), impreuna cu nu mai putin de 21 de jocuri ce sunt de acum disponibile spre descarcare. Foarte important de mentionat ar mai fi faptul ca orice joc ati alege sa cumparati, acesta poate fi instalat pe maxim 3 aparate iar cei ce detin PlayStation Vita vor gasi un Tab cu PlatStation Mobile in PlayStation Store. Cei care detin unul din aparatele certificate vor trebui sa descarce o aplicatie de Android pentru a avea acces la PlayStation Mobile. In continuare va las in compania listei cu jocurile lansate (Joc / Producator):


  • Super Crate Box / Vlambeer
  • Twist Pilot / Crash Lab
  • Rebel / PomPom Software
  • Fuel Tiracas / FuturLab
  • Aqua Kitty – Milk Mine Defender / Tikipod
  • Underline / Albino Pixel
  • Samurai Beatdown / Beatnik Games
  • Beats Slider / FuturLab
  • Hungry Giraffe / Laughing Jackal
  • Tractor Trails / Origin8
  • Word Blocked / Quirkat
  • Flick Hockey / Spinning Head
  • Beats Trellis / Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Inc.
  • Wipe! / SYNC
  • Nyoqix / Zener Works
  • Magic Arrows / Hamster Corporation
  • Everybody’s Arcade / Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
  • Numblast / Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
  • Loot the Land / Playerthree
  • Frederic – Resurrection of Music / Forever Entertainment
  • Incurvio / SYNC

Te-ai inregistrat? Ne-ar placea sa te prezinti.

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