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Coduri Starcraft 2: Heart Of The Swarm - Cheat Codes


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A trecut ceva vreme de cand nu am mai avut coduri tastabile pentru un joc. Ei bine, iata ca este timpul ca Starcraft 2: Heart Of The Swarm sa primeasca asa ceva, drept pentru care am decis sa le prezint si eu mai jos.

Primul pas pe care trebuie sa il faceti inainte de a tasta codul/codurile dorit(e) este sa apasati tasta Enter pentru a afisa consola jocului. Odata afisata, nu mai ramane decat sa tastati codul corespunzator efectului dorit, nu inainte de a lua la cunostinta ca odata ce folositi coduri achievements-urile vor fi dezactivate pana cand incepeti jocul de la inceput, sau pana incarcati o salvare dinaintea folosiri codurilor:


Lista de coduri tastabile:
  • terribleterribledamage - God Mode
  • moredotsmoredots - Free Units (no resources needed)
  • realmendrilldeep - 5,000 Gas
  • whysoserious - 5,000,000 Credits
  • jaynestown - Resources granted
  • tyuhasleftthegame - Disable victory conditions
  • sosayweall - Disable tech requirements
  • eyeofsauron - Open cutscene menu
  • iamironman - Upgrade Weapons, Armor and Shields by 1
  • overengineeredcodpiece - Plays the Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain (Blizzard employee band) song "Terran up the Night"
  • hanshotfirst - Disable Ability Cooldown
  • stroaksmolts - 5,000 Minerals
  • smoldersbolds - 5,000 Minerals and Gas
  • ypoonsvoicemail - Disable defeat conditions
  • mintmansoperator - Disable food requirements
  • nevergiveupneversurrender - Disable defeat conditions
  • reversingnazaire / basestarsprimative - Fast building
  • fsbcomunicacion - Fast Heal
  • sawnoutofmemory - Fog of War disabled
  • cadeasygoin - Lose the current game
  • lyingpect - Mission Select
  • furabranchery - Opensthe UNN broadcast menu
  • wapboinkers - Research points
  • cmethodfeedback - Win current game
  • qrotero - Disable time of day
  • dzmhairspring - 5000 Custom resources
  • = - Re-enter the last cheat

Dancing and cheering units

Select one of the following units, press [Enter] to display the console window, then type /dance or /cheer.
Protoss: Colossus, Immortal, Zealot, High Templar
Terran: Ghost, Marauder, Marine, Marauder, Thor
Zerg: Overlord, Queen, Zergling, Hydralisk, Ultralisk
Numai bine :pct2: !

Te-ai inregistrat? Ne-ar placea sa te prezinti.

Cum pot sustine forumul?
Cumpara de la eMag folosind acest link.

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