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World Of Warcraft Gm Commands


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Informational commands :

.HELP - Displays command list (Deleted on most new Repacks)

.WHERE - Displays map number, coordinates x,y,z and orientation h

.INFO - Displays selected object info

.FACTION - Displays selected object faction

.ONLINE - Displays connected players count on server .TARGETGO - Selects nearest gameobjects and displays its info

.PINGMM - Displays selected NPC on mini map

.LISTSP - List of learned spells

.LISTSK - List of learned skills

Creation commands :

.ADD - Add item to your inventory, can't grant items to other players

.ADDNPC - Add paralysed NPC at your location with your orientation

.ADDGO - Add gameobject at your location with your orientation

.ADDSPAWN - Add empty spawn if called without parameters

.ADDSPAWN - NPC add single NPC spawn

.ADDSPAWN - NPC N add single spawn for N NPC's

Deletion/Kill commands :

.DEL - Delete selected object

.KILL - Kill selected NPC

.KILLALLNPC - Kill all NPC around you

.DELALLCORP - Delete all player dead bodies

Misc commands :

.PPON - Turns on pathpoint collection

.PPOFF - Turns off pathpoint collection

.DISMOUNT - Dismounts you (in case you have lost your mounted icon after logoff)

.BYTES - For debug

.ADDDYN - For debug

.STARTTIMER - For debug

.STOPTIMER - For debug

.TEST - For debug

.SETAURA - For debug

.EXPLORATION - For debug

.FLAG1 - For debug


Characters commands :

.RESURRECT - That's it

.EXPORTCHAR - Exports character to separate file

.IMPORTCHAR - Loads character from separate file.

.LEARN - Learn some spell for player/GM

.DELSP - Forget some spell

.LEARNSK - Learn some skill for player/GM .DELSK - Forget some skill

NPC/Objects manipulation :

.TARGETLINK - Select spawn for currently selected NPC

.TURN - Rurns NPC/spawn to look at you

.COME - Asks selected NPC/spawn to come to you

.SETLEVEL - Sets level for NPC/player/GM

.SETMODEL - Sets model for NPC/player/GM

.SETSIZE - Sets size for model of NPC

.SETSPEED - Sets speed for animation and movement of selected NPC

.SETSPAWNNPC - Sets NPC id and (optional) amount to be spawned

.SETSPAWNGO - Sets gameobject to be spawned

.SETSPAWNDIST - Sets spawn radius (or two radii min and max)

.SETSPAWNTIME - Sets interval (or two intervals min and max) to spawn new

NPC/gameobject instead of killed one

.SETXP - Sets XP for player/GM

.PARALYSE - Paralyse or free selected NPC

.MOVE - Moves targeted gameobject (selection not visible on screen) relative to its current X Y Z

Teleportation commands :

.GO - Teleport to (map x y z) coordinates. DO NOT forget map parameter!

.GOTRIGGER - Teleport to trigger number

.GONAME - Teleport to player by name

.GOGUID - Teleport to object by GUID Server control commands:

.SAVE - Save world and players

.SHUTDOWN - That's it

.RETCL - Reloads all tcl scripts

.RESCP - Reloads all SCP databases .CLEARQFLAGS - Forgets about all completed quests

.EXPORTSPAWNSXY <map> <x1> <y1> <x2> <y2> -filename- - Exports rectangular world area to file

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