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Grand Theft Auto 3 Cheats


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Cheat List

Type one of the codes below during gameplay to activate its function.

Invisible Cars: anicesetofwheels

Destroy all cars: bangbangbang

Speed up Gameplay: boooooring

Flying vehicle: chittycittybb

Better vehicle handling: cornerslikemad

100% Health: gesundheit

Tank (Rhino) appears: giveusatank

Get All Weapons: gunsgunsguns

More Money: ifiwerearichman

Change Outfit: ilikedressingup

Cloudy Weather: ilikescotland

Rainy Weather: ilovescotland

Insane Pedstrians: itsallgoingmaaad

Super-speedy Game Clock: madweather

Higher Wanted Level: morepoliceplease

Crank Up Gore: nastylimbscheat

Pedestrians Attack: nobodylikesme

Lower Wanted Level: nopoliceplease

Foggy Weather: peasoup

Clear Weather: skincancerforme

Clock Moves Faster: timeflieswhenyou

Pedtrians Fight One Another: weaponsforall

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