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Lista Cu Toate Mmorpgs !


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Aveti mai jos o lista cu toate cele mai renumite MMORGP-uri, aranjate in ordine alfabetica:



Adellion - (under development) 3D

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures - (under development) Fantasy

Aion:The Tower of Eternity - (under development) Fantasy

Alganon - (under development) 3D Fantasy

Anarchy Online - 3D Science fiction

ArchLord - 3D Fantasy

Armada Online - (Under development - alpha test) Science fiction

Asheron`s Call - 3D Fantasy

Asheron's Call 2 - (shut down 2005) 3D Fantasy

Astonia - Sprite Fantasy

AWplanet - 3D Science Fiction

Cabal Online - 3D

City of Heroes - 3D, Comic book universe (combines with City of Villains)

Cinty of Villains - 3D, Comic book universe (combines with City of Heroes)

Club Penguin - New Horizon Interactive, Antarctica, Chat and games.

Conquer Online - Sprite, Mythical China

Corum Online - 3D

Cronous - 3D

Crossgate - Sprite

Dark Age of Camelot - 3D Fantasy Aruthian/Celtic/Norse mythology

Dark Ages - Sprite Fantasy Celtic mythology

Dark and Light - 3D

DarkEden - Sprite Horror

DarkFall Online - (under development) 3D Fantasy

DarkSwords — Free Medevial/Fantasy Game.

Dofus - 2D fantasy, made in flash.

Dragon Raja — 2D Fantasy

Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach — 3D Dungeons & Dragons universe (3.5 Ruleset)

Dungeon Runners — 3D

The Empire of Martial Heroes — (previously DO Online) 3D, Free to Play

Eternal Lands — 3D Medieval Fantasy(under development, beta)

Eudemons Online — (under development, beta) 3D Fantasy

EVE Online — 3D Science fiction, space vehicle piloting

EverQuest — 3D Fantasy

EverQuest II — 3D Fantasy (sequel to Everquest)

EverQuest Online Adventures — 3D (Playstation 2 only; prequel to Everquest)

Face of Mankind — 3D Science fiction

Fallen Earth — (under development) 3D Post apocalyptic

Final Fantasy XI — 3D Final Fantasy universe (Multiplatform: PC, Playstation 2, X-box 360)

Fly For Fun — 3D free fantasy rpg

Frontier 1859 — (under development) Historical American Old West

Furcadia — Sprite Fantasy

Fury — (under development) 3D

Gekkeiju Online — 3D (Open beta)

Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising — (Under development) Olympian mythology/Historical multiple character control

GoonZu Online — Sprite

Granado Espada — 3D Age of Exploration/Fantasy multiple character control

Guild Wars — 3D

Helbreath — Sprite

Hero online — 3D Chinese mythology

Hero's Journey — (under development) 3D

Horizons: Empire of Istaria — 3D Fantasy

Horse Isle — 2D Horse Based all-ages World

Infinity: The Quest for Earth - (under development) 3D Science Fiction; spaceship simulator

Irth Worlds — 3D

Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative — Science fiction

KAL Online — 3D Fantasy

Kingdom of Loathing — browser text based fantasy parody

Knight Online — 3D Fantasy

The Legend of Ares — (under development) 3D

The Legend of Mir 2 — Sprite

The Legend of Mir 3 — Sprite (sequel to Legend of Mir 2)

Legends of Future Past - text based

Lejendary Adventure Online — (cancelled) 3D

Lineage — Sprite Fantas

Lineage II — 3D Fantasy (sequel to Lineage)

Lineage III - (under development) NCsoft (sequel to Lineage II)

The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar — 3D Middle Earth Fantasy

Lunia - Currently in Closed Beta. Open Beta in July 2007

Mabinogi — 3D Fantasy

MapleStory — 2D sidescrolling

Marvel Universe Online - (under-development) Marvel Universe

The Matrix Online — 3D The Matrix Universe

Meridian 59 — 3D

Minions of Mirth — 3D

Monato Esprit - (shut down 2007) Sprite "dream world"

MU Online (Linkmania) — 3D Medieval Fantasy

Neocron and Neocron 2 — 3D Cyberpunk

Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds — Sprite Korean mythology

Navyfield - SdEnternet

Ogame - real time, text based

Pardus — browser based Science Fiction, space ship battles

Perfect World — 3D

Pirates of the Burning Sea — (under development) 3D, Historical

Pirates of the Caribbean Online — (under development) 3D, Pirates of the Carribean quasi-historical

PlaneShift — (under development, beta) 3D, Free to Play

Priston Tale — 3D

Prison Tale 2

Project Winter Online — (under development, beta) 3D

Ragnarok Online — Sprite Norse/mixed mythology

Ragnarok Online 2 — (under development) 3D (sequel to Ragnarok Online)

Ran Online — 3D Campus adventure fantasy

Rappelz — 3D Fantasy, Free to Play

Realm Fighter — 3D Fantasy

Redmoon Online — 2D Science Fiction/Fantasy

Regnum Online — 3D Medieval fantasy

The Realm Online — Sprite-based graphics

RF Online — 3D Science Fiction/Fantasy

Risk Your Life - 3D Fantasy

Roma Victor — 3D Roman Empire Historical

ROSE Online — 3D Fantasy

Rubies of Eventide — 3D Fantasy

RuneScape — 3D medieval fantasy

The Saga of Ryzom — 3D Science Fantasy

The Secret World — (under development) Modern setting, 3D

Shadowbane — 3D Fantasy

Shenmue Online — (under development) 3D Modern setting

Shot-Online — 3D Golf MMORPG

Silkroad Online — 3D Historical Eurasia

-jSRO - kSRO - tSRO - cSRO - vSRO

Soul of the Ultimate Nation — 3D Fantasy

Space Cowboy Online — 3D Science Fiction, spaceship combat

Star Sonata — Science fiction space ship battles

Star Trek Online — (under development) Science fiction

Star Wars Galaxies — 3D Science fiction Star Wars universe

Slayer Online

Stargate Worlds— (under development) 3D, Science fiction Stargate universe

StarQuest Online — (under development, Beta) Science fiction

Steel Law Online — (shutdown January 2005) Sprite Science Fiction

Stendhal — (under development, released) Sprite Fantasy

Supreme Destiny — Fantasy

Tabula Rasa - (unreleased, closed beta) 3D Science Fiction

A Tale in the Desert — 3D Ancient Egypt Historical

Tales of Eternia Online — Sprite-based graphics

Tales of Pirates - 3D

Tantra Online — 3D Hindu mythology

The 4th Coming — Sprite-based graphics Fantasy

Travia - Free 3D

True Fantasy Live Online - (cancelled)

Tibia — Sprite Fantasy

Toontown Online — 3D Disney Cartoon setting

Trickster Online — 2D

Twilight War: After the Fall - (under development) Science Fiction

Ultima Online — Sprite-based graphics

Uncharted Waters Online — 3D Age of Exploration Historical

Underlight — 3D "dream state" Fantasy

Urban Dead — browser based Survival horror

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes — 3D, Fantasy

Vendetta Online — 3D, Science fiction

Voyage Century — 3D Age of Exploration Historical

VMK — Virtual Disney Park

Wakfu - (under development) Sprite Fantasy (sequel to Dofus)

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning — (under development) 3D Warhammer Fantasy universe

Westward Journey — Sprite

World of Antra

World of Warcraft — 3D Warcraft universe

Wurm Online — 3D


Alte liste complexe:

MMO List I


Te-ai inregistrat? Ne-ar placea sa te prezinti.

Cum pot sustine forumul?
Cumpara de la eMag folosind acest link.

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