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Level R este un joc de curse gratuit in care va veti putetea dezolva personajul in cadrul competitiilor. Versiunea completa a jocului contine peste 30 de modele de masini si numeroase circuite. Mai jos aveti link-ul de download, un mic trailer si mai multe detalii despre joc (in engleza):

Download Level R Free Full Game: :link:

Dimensiune: 1.95 GB

The Game

Level R is the most thrilling and in-depth free to play racing game available today. An amazing number of tracks and cars – along with stimulating character development features – mean that you’ll find it hard to peel yourself away from the keyboard. Strap yourself in and put your foot down: Welcome to Level R.



Massively Multiplayer Online Play - Compete with any of thousands of players to get across the finish line!

Realistic physics

Amazing 3D graphics – weather effects, reflective windows and realistic damage – should you crash…

Tune your car! Prepare your car for the starting grid with any of countless customisations. Anything from completely re-fitting your engine to simply adding go-faster stripes – the possibilities are endless!

Extensive character development, just like in the best role-play games! Collect experience points with every race and get promoted to ever-higher classes.

More than 30 car models – many from officially licensed brands.

Numerous gameplay modes – race in the day or night through snow or rain on more than 10 tracks on surfaces ranging from asphalt to slush.

Competitive rankings and a career mode for long-lasting fun!

Your Character:

You start with four cars – you can use them to practice and explore the Level R world. Train against other opponents, and increase your level – and gain access to new cars and tracks – by passing driving tests. Whenever you’re ready, take on the world in a no-holds-barred race to the finish...

So, what’s the catch?

There is none! Level R completely free to play. Of course, we’ve got to make our money somewhere, so players can soup-up their cars by buying improvements from our item shop. But rest assured, you’ll never need any of these items to get the full Level R experience!

Game Modes:

Level R offers so many ways to play: Versus mode, story mode, capture the flag, simply exploring and more! See here for a complete list. Jump straight into competition or bide your time and practice – it’s your choice! Develop your character, find your dream car – and maybe, just maybe, become a racing superstar!

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