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Programe Pentru Facut Coduri: Cheat Tools - Cheat Utilities You May Need


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Mai jos aveti o mica lista ce contine cateva programe, atat pentru utilizatorii mai neexperimentati cat si pentru cei mai experimentati in domeniu, ce pot fi utilizate pentru crearea de trainere, sau pur si simplu pentru a trisa la diferitele jocuri pe care le jucati:


Cheat Utilities You May Need

Action Replay ( http://www.datel.com )

Action Replay is a 3rd party product by Datel which is designed for cheating in a console environment (PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, etc.). With Action Replay, all you need to do is type in the cheat code from our site into the system to unlock cheats in your game. Action Replay is not free of charge, and if you decide to buy it visit the official Datel's site.

GameWizard ( http://www.gw32.de/ )

The Game Wizard comes is a shareware cheat tool that allows the user to create "tables" of data that can alter values contained in a game. These values can be "Lives," "Health," "Money," etc. The Game Wizard is required to load the GW tables that are found at this site. The size of the program is about 750KB and it can be found at the following page: www.gw32.de

UHS ( http://www.uhs-hints.com/ )

The Universal Hint System is a shareware program designed to show user-created hints about how to complete a game (aka Walkthrough or Solve). The program allows users to view only the hints they need, rather than spoiling the entire game. This program is required to view files with the .uhs extension. please check the official page for more info and download.

UGE ( http://pw1.netcom.com/~jhartman/ )

The Universal Game Editor is similar to the Game Wizard. Users can save their own cheats as a "module." This file is required to use all UGE modules and all files with the .uge extension. This program is DOS-based and is no longer updated. However, if you're hardcore old-school gamer who likes to play older title you might find it useful... It is just 100KB in size and can be found here.

WinHex ( http://www.winhex.com )

WinHex is just one of many different Hex editing utilities available on the market. Of course, if you want to do some hex cheating you're not required to use WinHex feel free to find any hex editor that suits you. This one can be found here.

Cheat Utilities For Advanced Users

These utilities are intended for more experienced users and require advanced computer knowledge. AbsolutCheats also does not host, support or affiliate with any of the following. They are listed merely for convenience. Use any of the following AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Magic Trainer Creator ( http://fly.to/mtc )

Memory search tool and trainer maker made for Windows 95/98. The size of this utility is 1.7MB and if you think that making trainers is interesting think to do, visit the official site.

Trainer Maker Kit ( http://fly.to/mtc/ )

Another utility from the maker of Magic Trainer Creator. It takes less then a megabyte so if you're on the run just point your browser here.

TSearch ( http://fly.to/mtc/ )

Memory search tool with network option and hardware breakpoint. It includes all the necessary tutorials in the help file. please check the official page for more info and 1.2MB download.

Cheat Engine ( http://www.cheatengine.tk/ )

This program contains files needed for memory scanning and editing. Interactive tutorial is part of this 3.2MB package as well. More info at www.cheatengine.tk

ArtMoney ( http://www.artmoney.ru )

ArtMoney can help you find memory addresses where games store important values. In spite of its title, ArtMoney actually allows you to change any value (number bullets, swords, exp or health points...). Check it out here.

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Cel mai bun Cheat Tool e sa nu folosesti nici un cheat tool\cod\trainer etc. Strica tot farmecul jocului, indiferent single sau multiplayer. Si n-am sa fiu ipoctrit sa zic ca n-am folosit in viata mea cheat-uri, dar in mare le-am folosit la plictiseala, dupa ce am terminat prima data jocul (gen IDDQD din Doom, "show me the money" din StarCraft, sau faimoasa "aspirina" din Vice City). :bag:

🎮      :filme:

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