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The Battleforge Dictionary - Prescurtari Si Explicatii


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Iata mai jos lista tuturor prescurtarilor din BattleForge ():


Afaik = As far as i know

AFK = Away from keyboard. Means that the player isn't present.

AH = Auction House(marketplace)

AoC = Aura of Corruption or Altar of Chaos

AoE = Area of Effect, also used for spells that target an area instead of a unit.

AoF = avatar of frost

BG = Breeding grounds, Can also mean Battlegrounds (Random PvE)

Bf = In this case Battleforge, can also refer to Battlefield

Bfp = The ingame currency bought with real world money

Blue = Frost (can also refer to the blessed affinity)

BRB = Be right bck. Means the the player will leave for a short time.

Btw = By the way. Pretty self explanatory.

Bump = Posting on a thread just to keep it in the top of the forum page.

C = Common. The most common rarity in Battleforge.

CC = Crowd Control. Spells or abilities that makes it impossible for units to attack and/or move.

Dc = Disconnect

DE = Disenchant

Dis = usually Disenchant, rarely disconnect (rather used "dc" as disconnect)

Dmg = Damage. Often used to tell the damage value stated on the card.

DnD = Do not disturb

DO = Deep One

Dps = Damage per second

Dpts = Damage per twenty seconds (the value stated on the card

Dread = Dreadcharger (as Shadow) or Dreadnought (as Frost)

ELO = The score gained by winning PvP matches.

Enli/Enlight = Enlightenment

F= Fire or Frost

F2P = A payer that hasn't invested any real world money into the game.

FoF = Furnace of flesh

G = Gold. The ingame currency won from maps.

G2G = Gotta go

GG = good game. Used when leaving a PvP match.

GL = Good Luck

gl hf = 'good luck, have fun' friendly way to start a game ^.^

Green = Nature (can also refer to the Gifted affinity)

GS = Gravity Surge

Harvy = Harvester

HP = Hit Points. How much damage a unit can sustain before it dies.

ily = I love you

Imho = In my honest opinion

Imo = in my opinion

Jk = Just kidding or Joking

Juggy = Juggernaut

K or KK =Okay

KoC = Knight of Chaos

Lame = "Any card, combination of cards or playstyle that is considered very hard or impossible to beat efficiently and generally easy to use."

Lamer: "Someone who beats other people in PvP, mostly but not always using 'lame' strategies to do so."

LFG = Looking for group or Looking for Game. Means that the player is looking for someone to play with.

lmao = Laghing my arse off

LOL = Laughing out loud. It's just like "Haha XD"

LS = Lost Shade or Lost Souls

ltp = learn to play

LW = life weaving

Mana = Mana wings

Motk = Mark of the keeper

Mounty = Mountaineer

nasty = nasty surprise

NC = Nightcrawler

NG = Nightguard

Noob = A player playing like a new player, can also mean a new player. It is also used as an insult.

Nox = Nox Trooper

Ofc = Of Course

Oink = Curse of Oink

omg=oh my god

OP = Overpowered (A card that is too strong) or Original Poster (the thread starter)

Plz = please

Pure = Having orbs in only one color.

Purple = The shadow faction (can also refer to the tainted affinity)

PvE = Player versus enviroment

PvP = Player versus Player

QQ = Crying

RB = resource booster

Rdy = ready

Red = The Fire faction (can also refer to the infused affinity)

ROFL = Rolling on the floor laughing, same meaning as LOL

roots = ensnaring roots

rPvE = Random PvE (Battlegrounds)

Shammy = Shaman

Snap = Coldsnap

SoG = Shrine of Greed. An overnerfed shadow card

SoM = Shrine of Memories.

Sot = Stone of torment

SoW = Shrine of war

Sry = Sorry

SS = Soulshatter

Stfu = A rude way of saying "please be quiet."

Thx = Thanks

tl;dr = to long; didn't read (put after long walls of text followed by a summary of the long text for lazy people)

Ty = Thank you

Tyvm = Thank you very much

unholy = unholy power or Unholy Hero

UA = Undead Army

UP = Underpowered

Wb = welcome back /worldbreaker gun

WL = Watchlist

WoG = wheel of gifts

Wp = well played

WTB = Want to buy

wtf= what the f***?

WTS = Want to sell

WTT = Want to trade

WW = Windweavers

Succes :pct2: !

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