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Metin 2 - Totul Despre Grota Exilului / Grotto Of Exile


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Toata lumea vorbeste in Metin 2 despre faptul ca s-a inventat o noua harta. Ei bine aflati ca pentru a intra trebuie sa aveti level 75+


Iata cum si cu ce se poate intra in grota:

1. Trebuie sa ai lvl 75+.

2. Trebuie sa faci misiunea de la Seon-Hae, care consta in Blood Stone.

3. Trebuie sa mergi la Koe-Punq din Joan(Chunjo), Pyunqmoo(Jinno), Yongan(Shinsoo)ori Valley of Seunqryong (ca sa ajungi in Valley of Seunqryong trebuie sa te teleportezi prin old man care costa 1.000 yang sau teleportul care costa cu 1.000 yang in plus pentru fiecare 5 levels).

Harta grotei exilului / Grotto of exile:


Monstri din Grota Exilului sunt:

  • Underworld Ice Splinters (lvl 81)

  • Underworld Ice Killer Whale (lvl 81)

  • Underworld Ice Lion (lvl 83)

  • Underworld Ice Bug (lvl 82)

  • Underworld Ice Man (lvl 82)

  • Underworld Yeti (lvl 84)

  • Underworld Ice Golem (vl 85)

  • Setaou Fighter (lvl 87)

  • Setaou Hunter (lvl 89)

  • Setaou Mystic (lvl 89)

  • Mighty Ice Witch (BOSS lvl 89)

Iata ce arunca fiecare monstru in parte:

1) Clam,Jade Bracelet,Silver Bracelet,Piece of Ice,Empty Bottle,Spirit Plate Armour.

2) Dragon God Armour,Ebony Bracelet,Fuchsia Suit,Baroness Dress,Spirit Plate Armour,Ice Killer Whale Horn.

3) Dragon God Armour, Dragon Knife, Bloody Sword, Thunder Bird Bell, Ecstatic Shoes, Fuchsia Suit, Ghost Fang Blade, Glaive, Baroness Dress, Lucy’s Ring, Magical Bell, Giant Wing Bow, Yeti Fur.

4) Clam, Twelve Spirit Sword, Mission Book (Expert), Spirit Plate Armor, Piece of Ice+.

5) Fuchsia Suit, Lion Slayer.

6) Ice Marble, Ice Marble +, Fan, Spirit Stone Scroll, Gold Treasure Box, Copper Bell, Rib Knife, Poly Marble, Flying Wizard Sword, Salvation Blade, Yeti Fur, Broad Sword, Empty Bottle.

7) Bows, Thorn Leaf Bow, Dragon God Armour, Fuchsia Suit, Baroness Dress, Spirit Plate Armour, Ice Marble, Fan, Glaive, Golden Bell, Page(Quest Item), Great Sword, Copper Bell, Magical Bell, Sword, Silver Treasure Box, Silver Key, Steel Bug Bell, Twelve Spirit Sword, Purple Pot(L).

8) Devine Apricot Bow, Castle Helm, Demon Blade, Dragon Knife, Lucy Ring, Lilac, Electromagnetic Blade, Nimbus Boots, Nymph Sword, Partizan, Peach Blossom, Battle Sword, Spirit Plate Armour, Sun Light Hat, Steel Hood, Sage King Symbol, Fencing Pamphlet, Exorcism Sword, Ebony Bracelet.

9) Blue Dragon Bow, Castle Helm, Dragon Knife, Ghost Mask Sallet, Soul Stealing Blade(unconfirmed!), Peach Blossom, Silver Arrow, Sun Light Hat, Steel Hood, Sting Sword, Tue Fungus, Purple Pot (L).

10) Demon Blade, Ecstatic Fan, Siamese Knives, Sting Sword, Kaki Blossom, Sunlight Hat, Fencing Pamphlet, Crystal Bracelet, Crystal Earrings, Fire Bird Shoes, Heavenly Bird Fan

11) Amethyst Necklace, Amethyst Earrings, Blood Stone, Dragon Scale Shield, Ecstatic Shoes, Falcon Shield, Phoenix Shoes, Spirit Stone, Heaven’s Tear Necklace, Heaven’s Tear Earrings, Crystal Necklace, Crystal Earrings, Lion Edge Shield, Black Magic Armor, Black Clothing, Black Steel Armour, Black Wind Armour, Soul Stone, Tiger Shield, Fencing Pamphlet, White Gold Earrings, Nimbus Boots, Fire Bird Shoes(BOSS).

Te-ai inregistrat? Ne-ar placea sa te prezinti.

Cum pot sustine forumul?
Cumpara de la eMag folosind acest link.

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