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Ghid Seo Blekko - Seo Guide You’Ve Been Waiting To Read

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Iata ghid-ul SEO pentru The Blekko SEO Guide You’ve Been Waiting To Read


The SEO information that Blekko offers includes:

  • inbound links – I’ll talk about how reliable Blekko Inbound link data is and it’s use as a linkbuilding and competitive analysis tool
  • anchor text distribution data – you were only able get this information by paid subscription prior to bekko…that I know of…
  • duplicate content data – not only shows you where the duplicate content on your site is but also who is jacking your content as well, will talk more about this one more below.
  • site comparison feature – useful for spotting canonical issues, comparative analysis, and linkbuilding research, discussed in more detail below
  • pages indexed by blekko – Blekko only has about a 3 billion page crawl next to Google that pathetic….I don’t think anyone will be trying to rank in blekko.
  • crawl data – this is good for telling how old the data blekko is providing may be, older more trusted sites get crawled more completely and more frequently then small sites. This is a good way of testing the reliability of the data, especially because Blekko’s data is so incomplete.

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