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Adaugare Imagine / Brad In Colt Dreapta Forum Ipb

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codul asta


<table class="tablebg" width="100% cellspacing=" 1"="">
<td class="row1">
<span class="line">
<fieldset style="width: auto; border: 1px solid #275575; padding: 10px;">
<legend style="border: 1px solid #275575; padding: 4px; color: #3e89bd;">Parteneri</legend>

<span onMouseOut="this.style.opacity=0.3;this.filters.alpha.opacity=30" onMouseOver="this.style.opacity=1;this.filters.alpha.opacity=10" style="opacity: 0.3;">
<a href="http://www.trafichosting.ro" target="_blank"><img src="http://forum.joinet.ro/th.gif"></a></br>
<img src="http://www.xtremeplay.ro/resurse/instalatie.gif"></img><img src="http://www.xtremeplay.ro/resurse/instalatie.gif"></img><img src="http://www.xtremeplay.ro/resurse/instalatie.gif"></img>
il bagi in globaletample sub 
<!-- ::: MAIN CONTENT AREA ::: -->
<div id='content' class='clearfix'>
Pentru partea de sus cu parteneri
si pentru alea adaugi jos 
<br clear="all" /><img src='http://www.xtremeplay.ro/resurse/pomcraciun.gif' style="position: fixed; margin-right:2px; margin-bottom:2px; bottom: 0%; right: 0px;border: 0px;" />

<img src='http://www.xtremeplay.ro/resurse/cadou.gif' style="position: fixed; margin-left:2px;
 margin-bottom:2px; bottom: 0%; left: 0px;border: 0px;" />
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